Monday, February 27, 2012

Teacher-Student Sex Scandal In Negros Occidental

A video is going around Victorias City, Negros Occidental through cellular phones and pirated compact discs that involves sexual intercourse between someone believed to be a male public school teacher and his female high school student

He's in a deep mess this male public school teacher as it is said that their faces are very identifiable so best case is everybody already knows these people. I bet Victorias isn't as big as Metro Manila and so there is not much to go around.

The public school teacher faces threats of dismissal while the student is going to die of humiliation. Sex tapes are never recommendable. They always fall into the wrong hands eventually. They should learn from celebrities.

When trying to keep something private, specially an illicit affair like this, since the girl is under-age and the guy is apparently married with children - STAY AWAY FROM CAMERAS


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