Saturday, June 18, 2011

katrina kaif fake sex scandale 2011

Katrina Kaif S2x Hot Video Scandal Photos: latest news about Katrina Kaif S2x HotVideo Scandal Photos updates,
Bollywood Actrees Kartina Kaif Have Recd a heavy price for their stardom and recently the reining queen of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif learnt this.
She is pretty upset with her association with a scandalous video. Celebrity names are a crowd puller, hence the miscreants have used Katrina’s name to promote a video with explicit content.
The fake hot video is named as Katrina Kaif’s s11x scandal. Katrina Kaif is very upset about her name getting involved in the s11x hot video scandal. She says it is ridiculous to call the lady her look-a-like because the woman is totally different from her.
The video is hot on internet search. A lady with resemblance to Katrina Kaif is seen stripping in front of a group of boys and later indulging in hot video activities.
This is not for the first time that a celebrity name is used to promote an unauthentic film. Earlier as well names of other stars like Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Preity Zinta were involved in fake s11x scandals, even though they had nothing to do with these.
The s11x controversy has once hot video Katrina’s sister Isabel. Both the sisters have become a victim of the s11x scandal.


Kaifi said...
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Kaifi said...

ye sab galat hai,aur e photo bhi galat hai, this is not our Katreena kaif, some one is wanna to badnaam her, she is our queen and we love her very much, Goverment should punish these type of people who upload this photo or type of video.........
We know that our queen is very bold and she love their fans..........

Love u Katreena

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